Intro best survival knife blog

Although I can not boast much experience in this field, I presume it is still touch me to make this best survival knife blog.
Expect to be criticized, contradicted, corrected or guided by those with more “book” of nature, those who currently practice this activity. But I do not want sterile discussions and inappropriate language.
We walked a lot in nature, the mountains, the delta, forests and hills. I did a little climbing and climbing seriously about 18 years and then a little snatch. I love nature in general and especially the mountains. Also love, appreciate, respect (some of them and understand) any living being. (I have to be honest and admit that excepting people. Namely some not, but species that … I will return to this subject).
In these trips, excursions, tours, I was often something that could be called survival or bushcraft, even though I had no idea that doing something like this. Do not confuse them, because they are two totally different concepts – I will detail in the next post.
Survival always fascinated me, whether it’s wild, unknown places, be it about disasters, dangerous meetings etc. I always saw her as a human capacity for intelligence and imagination, rather than a strong one. Of course in some ways I was wrong, but not all. I had a kid pretty serious health issues and obviously neither too strong nor too strong I was. Therefore, the majority of my wander I made one to confuse others do not. This resulted in the necessity to solve all problems by yourself, without help. I had to find solutions simpler, lighter for every need. Solutions for. 2 mani, not more. And I say without modesty, that what they did others, normal, I kinda did too. Often better than others and with less effort.
On the other hand I loved woodworking, although very few times I had the chance. I do not mean to forestry but also carve something, to make something useful out of wood. It obviously took me back to nature, but from another direction closer to bushcraft.
So, newly arrived in this court, in the following I will continue with my personal opinions inevitably subjective. And perhaps that sharing my experience, if someone will find useful.